1. Beau
    Beau is an 18 year old Quarter Horse that spent his early years as a western pleasure and trail horse. Beau has faced challenges himself because he was born blind in his left eye. He's especially good with our younger and smaller students that need a slow, steady horse. He is skilled at many other tasks, including equine assisted activities and long line lessons. He may be a little challenged to trust new people but can easily be won over with his favorite treats......sour worms!
  2. Chance
    Chance is a Quarter Horse who started out his career as a Western Pleasure horse before becoming a therapeutic riding horse for the first time. He then had several years off enjoying a life of trail riding and playing around the farm before coming to RHR. Chance's slow and steady nature makes him great for our mounted participants as well as a perfect match for the Ground Wranglers. He loves to play dress up and is very proud of his Scarecrow overalls and Pooh Bear costume! Chance has a huge sweet tooth and Smarties are his favorite candy!
  3. Cody
    Cody is a 13 year old Quarter Horse that spent his early years as a show horse doing reining with his previous owner. This guy has been there and done that including being in parades. His great personality makes him an all around guy here at RHR. He's active in many of our programs, including our therapeutic riding, ground wranglers program and Equine services for Heroes. Want to win him over? Bring him ginger snaps, his favorite treat!
  4. Cisco
    Cisco's a 14 year old Appaloosa Cross. He's an all around guy that just happens to think that he's a puppy dog. His great personality and curiosity makes him wonderful at several different programs that we offer, including Equine Services for Heroes, Healing with Horses and Interactive Vaulting. When he's not working, you can probably find him waiting in his stall for someone to come and be his friend. He would love an apple when you come to see him because that's his favorite treat!
  5. Dakota
    Dakota is a 20 year old Quarter Horse/ Arabian cross that spent his early years as a show horse in the Hunter/Jumper world. He came to us when he was no longer able to keep up with his old show life. He is really good with working with our more independent participants that don't need a lot of assistance. He enjoys working in our Equine Services for Heroes, in therapeutic riding lessons, and in other equine assisted activities. What is his favorite treat you ask......spearmints of course!
  6. Gunner
    Gunner is certain he’s a huge horse but sometimes wants to be a puppy dog. His life before Rocking Horse Ranch was as a backyard buddy to a mini donkey at Freckles Farm. His outgoing personality and natural curiosity about everyone and everything make him a natural for offsite outreach and meeting new people. As an extravert, he thinks everyone is his best friend, including the barn cats, Sassy and Trouble, who do NOT share his enthusiasm for friendship. His favorite treat is ANYTHING!
  7. Happy
    Happy's a 14 year old Haflinger that spent his early years pulling a cart. He may be the shortest horse in the barn but his big personality makes up for it. Happy's a valued member of the program and works in many different parts of it including long line lessons, interactive vaulting, Equine Services for Heroes and Healing with Horses. He can do it all from the most challenging participants to working on a lunge line with participants doing gymnastics on his back. Happy loves all food but his favorite treat would have to be ............ soft mints!
  8. Louie
    Louie's an 18 year old chestnut Quarter horse. He spent his early years as a western pleasure horse. He's a wonderful addition to our herd with his slow and helpful personality. Louie is able to work in many different parts of the program, including therapeutic riding, Equine Services for Heroes, and EFL/EFP groups. He would love to have you bring his favorite treat.... vanilla wafers!
  9. Sammy
    Although Sammy is little in size, he’s big in personality. His former life is a mystery, but before coming to Rocking Horse Ranch, he lived on Freckles Farm with an assortment of animals, including chickens, ducks, rabbits, dogs, cats, full size horses, and a mini donkey. He’s very happy to have a job at RHR and likes learning news tasks. His favorite treat is blueberries.
  10. Sonnie
    Sonnie's a 17 year old Percheron/Morgan Cross. Sonnie spent his early years as a lesson horse at a riding school. He brings spunk and personality to our program. He wants to be a part of the lessons and play with all the toys! Sonnie enjoys working with independent students and takes very good care of all his riders. He's often curious and likes to be praised for doing a good job. His favorite post lesson treat for a job well done is.... Apple Jacks!
  11. Ollie
    Ollie is a Quarter Pony who found himself in a bad situation early in life, but got rescued and had a great home with a loving family. He enjoyed a life of trail riding and quiet rides through hayfields. He is pretty game for anything, as long as he’s getting attention and treats! Because of his difficult past, he may need some extra reassurance when he’s first getting to know you, but can be a goofball once he knows he can trust you! His small size and quiet nature makes him a great match for many of the younger and smaller RHR riders. His favorite treats are bananas!
  12. Elliot
    Elliot was born and raised in Greenville, NC. As a young horse, Elliot showed in hunters over fences with his owner, and then he became a team horse for ECU students. His favorite thing to do is jumping, and he will jump anything! His second favorite thing to do is trail riding, and he prefers a nice, relaxed walk with the occasional bite of grass. He likes lots of praise and encouragement because he is a good boy! He seems to enjoy all of the attention he gets at RHR. He loves treats of any kind, but his favorite treat is a candy cane, and he is happy to bow for it!