Experience the profound connection between

Humans and Horses

Our horse ranch offers a unique and holistic approach to wellness, combining the soothing presence of majestic horses with professional therapeutic services.

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Welcome To Rocking Horse Ranch

We believe in the profound connection between humans and horses, harnessing this bond to promote physical, emotional, and mental well-being.

Highly-trained team

Our therapeutic riding instructors have a background over 20+ years of experience.

Certified professionals

We create a safe and supportive environment for individuals of all ages to embark on a transformative journey.

Our Services

From individuals with ranges of disabilities to groups seeking team-building experiences, our center provides a nurturing and uplifting environment to facilitate growth, healing, education and wellness.

Our Horses

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What others individuals had experience

About Rocking Horse Ranch

The Therapeutic Riding Program at Rocking Horse Ranch has been life changing for me. It has given me confidence in myself, brought me through personal difficulties in daily life and helped me to see there's hope.

Sara A. Client

Rocking Horse Ranch - Greenville, has provided a phenomenal experience for our daughter and our family. Out daughter with autism is very calm and focused when working with her horse and trainers. Our daughter looks going every week. RHR has provided for at least some peace during our stress filled week because when our daughter is calm, we are in turn able to be calm.

Raquel S. Parent

This is [my daughter's] 3rd year with RHR. She loves riding, doing tricks, and enjoys being around the horses. [She] communicates with Midnight by using simple commands and by picking up on their body cues. Riding therapy has been good for her trunk support, stretching her muscles, and working on her balance.

Dawn D. Parent

In my time of being blessed to be a participant at Rocking Horse Ranch, the many challenges I have faced in my health included anxiety, depression, CPTSD, migraines, and healing from greater than twelve years of chemotherapy treatments resulting in peripheral neuropathy... my life has been and continues to be forever changed by the Rocking Horse Ranch family including trainers, administration staff and volunteers, and the amazing stars of the ranch: the horses.

Donna H. Client


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