Our Services

Experience transformative equine-assisted sessions at Rocking Horse Ranch, enhancing physical well-being and emotional growth in a nurturing environment.

What we offer, for you

Therapeutic Riding

offers individualized riding skills through certified instructors for special needs individuals, promoting motor skills, balance, strength, and communication development.

Ground School

These lessons cover horsemanship, from grooming to advanced activities like lunging and desensitization. Ground School enhances training techniques for a smooth transition to mounted activities, prioritizing safety and adaptable skills.

Horseshoes for Heroes

Equine Services' Horseshoes for Heroes empowers veterans and active duty members through horsemanship, easing PTSD symptoms and fostering positivity. In partnership with The Wounded Warrior Foundation, we extend our support to Eastern NC veterans.

Corporate Event Center

Experience the perfect blend of professionalism and compassion at Rocking Horse Ranch's corporate events. Host your next corporate gathering in our stunning event center, knowing that your support directly contributes to our not-for-profit organization's mission of providing equine-assisted activities and therapy to individuals with disabilities in Eastern North Carolina.


Your Donations Propel the Healing Journey at Rocking Horse Ranch.”


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